Thursday, 10 August 2017

Earn Amazon gift cards worth Rs 320 every month

How to earn Amazon gift cards worth Rs 320 per month.

In our last post we shared an app through which you can earn Rs 200 amazon gift cards every month. After getting a good response from our readers and visitors we thought of sharing more methods of earning Amazon gift cards.

So in this article we will tell you another way of earning Amazon gift cards upto 200 every month.

Know how to increase Instagram followers 

How this app works and what is the net worth of those Amazon gift cards.

This app gives you a signing bonus of Rs 300, which can be redeemed as an Amazon gift card. The net worth of amazon gift card of the first month will be equal to 400 RS and in the second month you will get a gift card of worth Rs 110. Basic amount of gift card is of worth Rs 100 and Rs 10 will be incremented to it every month.

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So you will get an Amazon gift card of Rs 110 for the second month and in the third month you will get a gift card worth Rs 120. This will continue till you will reach RS 200, You can redeem those gift cards every month . You can earn these gift cards till you will keep their app in your Android phone.

Earn Amazon gift cards

How to get amazon gift cards worth upto Rs 200.

You don't need to do any hardwork nor you have to download any apps. Most of the earning apps/methods have two tasks first one is downloading apps and second task is refer and earn. But it's not like those apps. All you have to do is to keep this app in your Android phone. Follow the below given steps:

• Register yourself on the panel research website.

• Follow the instructions carefully.

• Download it's Android app.

• Keep this app in your phone.

NOTE : Registration in this research panel remains closed mostly, So try your luck or you can also visit their website regularly to check whether the registration is open or closed.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Earn monthly Amazon gift cards worth Rs 200

Earning gift cards are easy now a days but for that you need to have some basic information about the gift cards and the apps/websites which provide these gift cards for free. There are many fake apps and websites which says that they will give you 200$, 300$ amazon gift cards, flipkat gift cards or paytm gift cards after a month but most of them are fake.

In order to make sure that the website or an app is genuine, you need to check the worth of the gift card which they are providing. 200$ gift card for a month is a huge amount and it's almost impossible to give a gift card worth 200$ or more than that. This app has been tested by our users as well as by the admin.

How can we get 6$ Amazon gift card every month.

To earn Amazon gift cards worth R's 400, you need to register on mobilexpression website and then download it's official app. This app is just of 600 KBs which means it will not consume so much of space in your phone. Further you need to keep Mobile xpression app in your phone to get the Amazon gift cards.

Know how to increase Instagram followers 

Mobile xpression app gives a gift card of worth RS 400 for the first month and afterwards 200 Rs every month. But for that you need to keep this app in your phone and check for the points every week. 2 points are been rewarded every week and 10 points can be redeemed as a gift card of worth Rs 200.

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How to redeem that Amazon gift card and Is there any task like downloading apps or referring your friends etc.

No, there is not a single task like that. All you need to do is to sign up via your mobile number and email id on the mobile xpression website and download the mobile xpression app via given link.  You will receive that link on your registered email id.

Earn Amazon gift cards

After the successful installation of that app, you need to give some access controls to this app and this can be done in the settings of your handset. Further you need to check for reward points every week and you will be getting 2 credit points every week. You need to click on claim there. All the claimed points are stored and after you get 10 credit points. You can redeem them as amazon gift card of worth Rs 200.

Amazon gift card will be send to you on your registered email id. You need to log in to your Amazon account and then click on gift cards. Now you need to Click on add gift card and enter that Amazon gift card code which was send to you on your registered email id via link.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Three methods to Increase Instagram followers

Instagram is one of the famous and most used social media application. It is widely used in India and mostly rich persons and females use this social messaging application.

 Instagram allows user to have full control over the data shared by them, whether that data is photos, videos or anything. It also allows users to unsend any message even after that message has been read out.

 The best thing is that you can share your photo by sending that through a message via Instagram but the receiver will not be able to download that photo. These safety features made it famous among the girls due to which it's usage among the boys increased and boys always want more and more Instagram followers, so here we are.

How to increase Instagram followers easily.

There are basically three methods to do so among which first method is 100% legal and doesn't give any dead followers. Also it doesn't have any negative effects, while as second and third methods are tricks by which you can get 100's off followers with in no time. Before I will tell you these methods, let me clear one thing to you .

 Tips are always safe for your Instagram account but they don't give a number of followers in minutes while as tricks are give us a number of followers within minutes and that too without doing any hardwork.

Tricks are not always safe for your Instagram account but here all the three methods are safe as these tricks had been scripted in a way so that a user will not lost access to his/her Instagram account.

So here is the first method to increase the Instagram followers

1. This method can be used/applied when you share a new video or when you share a photograph. We all share photos, videos on Instagram but how can this help us to grow Instagram followers?

Increase Instagram followers

Whenever you share your photos or videos make sure You have Tagged the famous/related categorizes. You can tag by putting a hashtag plus names of some famous categories in the caption box as shown in pic below. By this way your posts will reach to the maximum number of people and if your posts will be good they will follow you on Instagram.

 You can also write your Instagram I'd on those photos/videos so that no one can reuse them.

Increase Instagram followers

Second method to increase the Instagram followers .

This trick is based on an Android app, which allows its users to get 50-100 followers within a few minutes. I myself have tried this app and it is 100% genuine.

You can get 100's or 1000's of followers with in a few days as this app can be used every 15 minutes. So you have to maintain a gap of 15 minutes between the next use of this app. Hublaagram app gives around 100 followers in two uses, which means in 30 minutes of use you will get 100 followers.

So in 24 hours you can get 1200 to 2400 followers, if you use it continuously. 

Instructions to use hublaagram app.

All you need to do is download hublaagram and put your Instagram I'd and password, click on log in. Don't worry it's 100% safe I myself have tried it. They need your password as well because they will follow other people also by your account.

• Now enter the captcha.
• Click on Instagram followers.
• Now click on submit and you are done.

So the third method to increase Instagram followers is:

As I already mentioned that this method is basically a trick to increase your followers count and in this trick a script is been used by the administrator of the website and this website increases your Instagram followers by the count of 100 or 120 a day.

You don't need to complete any surveys or download any apps etc. All you need to do is to log on to the website and put your Instagram I'd and click on submit. You will get 50-60 followers in 12 hours and you can use that again after 12 hours.

There are many other alternatives like this but if you will access those they will increase your followers in thousands but after a few days your Instagram account may get blocked but here is no chance to get your Instagram account blocked.

you can use this method as many times as you want but the limit is 2 times a day which means you can use this method 60 times a month. It also allows you to add different Instagram IDs as well, so if you have two or more Instagram IDs you can use all here to increase Instagram followers. So visit wizblogger. com  website to increase Instagram followers

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Features and reviews of nokia 3, nokia 6 and nokia 9

As I already said nokia is trying hard to get back into the market and that's why they are focusing to manufacture the new handsets according to the market need/demand.

 So they are trying everything which is possible for them to get back to the market. In our previous article, I explained some features of nokia 3310 and nokia 5. By launching nokia 3310 again, the company is all set to revive it's customer base in India again. Nokia was sold to foxconn in 2016, so foxconn may launch some new handsets with some extra ordinary features soon. So in this article I will mention some recently launched phones by nokia and their features. I have also gave the detailed information for nokia 5 and nokia 3310 in my previous article. So in this article I will discuss about the rest of the three handsets:

Nokia 3 : Description about its features.

•  Nokia 9 : Description about its features.

Nokia 6 : Description about its features.

features of nokia 3

Nokia 3 is powered by Android 7.0 Nougat, which is the latest Android version, Oreo (O) Android version has not been launched officially yet. So Android Nougatis the latest Android version till the date.

• Nokia 3 has a RAM of 2GB with 16GB internal storage and it's storage can be further extended upto 128 GB by putting up a memory card/SD Card.

• It has an IPS LCD screen of 5 inches with a resolution of 1280×730 which is known as HD display. It also has a Corning Gorilla glass to protect it from the damage.

• It has a front facing autofocus camera of 8MP with a primary camera of 8MP and that is too autofocus.

• It has an integrated battery of 2630 Mah, which provides the enough power to the phone for a day.

• It has a processor of 1.3Ghz Quad core, MTK 6737, which is enough fast.

The most important feature, it has 4G as well and supports many bands like band 40, which is for india and Reliance jio, other bands are and 1, 7, 5, 8, 20, 3, 38, 4.

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Features and reviews of nokia 6
Pic for illustration 

Now it's turn for the Nokia 9 :

Nokia 9 is not officially announced yet but we got some pics and some information about this and we are here to provide you that information.

==> It will be having two variants :

1. 4GB RAM with 64GB of internal storage.

2. 6GB RAM with 128GB of internal storage.

Rest of the specifications are same .

• It has IPS display of 5.3 inches with a resolution of 1440×2560 , which makes it a true HD phone. For security of display, it has got a Corning Gorilla glass 5.

• it's CPU is Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa core (4x2.45 GHz Kryo & 4x1.9 GHz Kryo).

• It has an Android operating system of Nougat, which is the latest one.

• It's primary camera is Dual 13 MP, laser & phase detection autofocus, Dual-LED flash and it's secondary camera is of 12 MP.

• it has 4G and EVDO as well, so it's good for 4G and 5G users.

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          Descriptive features of Nokia 5

Features and reviews of nokia 6
Nokia 6

Now it's the turn of nokia 6 :

• Nokia 6 has a 3 GB of RAM with a massive storage of 32GB and further can be extended upto 128GB. It has another variant known as Arte which has 4GB RAM with 64 GB internal storage.

• It has an Android version of Nougat 7.1.1. it's a CPU of Qualcomm Snapdragon 430.

• It has a 5.5 inches IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1920×1080. Which makes it a full HD. Display. It also has a Corning Gorilla glass to secure the display from any kind of damage. Besides all this, it also has sunlight readability.

• It has a primary camera of 16MP PDAF, f/2, dual tone flash and a Front-facing camera of 8MP AF(Auto Focus).

• It has a battery of 3000Mah which powers it for the whole day, which means you can use it for a whole day without charging it.

• It also supports USB OTG and has a Bluetooth version of 4.1, which is the latest one.

PRICE : It is priced at  around €229

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Features and price of nokia 3310 and nokia 5

Nokia is back:

If you were missing the giant mobile manufacturer Nokia, then this news is for you as the Nokia is back with some great phones and here is the list of mobile phones Nokia is going to launch and also the list of phones which nokia has recently launched.

      Nokia was once the leader of mobile phone manufacturers but when it's owner sold his company to Bill Gates, he changed the way Nokia was working/manufacturing. He started to manufacture windows phones and for the first time Nokia's phones were taken back from the market's and from the customers as in Nokia lumia 710, there was a big problem with the backup time of the phone as the battery was draining like it was flow of water and it's manufacturers didn't work according to the market demand and hence  the name and trust on nokia was fading away.

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But after some time bill gates sold nokia ( at that time it was named as Microsoft Windows) to foxconn in 2016 and from then the new owner tried to do whatever was possible to get the fame and trust on nokia back. Hence he launched a series of new phones, but the twist was that he launched its very known and the first phone of nokia in india which was launched around 17-20 years ago and the name of the phone is still same that is 3310. Below is the list of phones with its features which were recently manufactured by nokia or which nokia is going to be launched:

Nokia 3310 : Description about its features.

• Nokia 5 : Description about its features.

Nokia 3 : Description about its features.

•  Nokia 9 : Description about its features.

Nokia 6 : Description about its features.

Features of nokia 3310
Nokia 3310

==> Description about the features of Nokia 3310 :

As the latest one is Nokia 3310, we are gonna discuss about its features first. In terms of features, nokia 3310 is not the same as it was before.

 It has now an audio player with a camera as well. It has FM as well. Besides all this, it has 2G internet connectivity with a network signal strength of GSM 900/1800 MHz. It has an operating systems known as Nokia series 30+.

 Screen size of this phone is 2.4" with a removable battery of 1200 MAH , so we can say the battery backup will be good but how much of standby time it would have?
It has a standby battery time of around 31days, whoa. Such a long lasting battery backup and it has maximum talk time of around 24 hours. You can also listen your favorite songs for upto 53 hours. You can connect USB to it, in order to share music from your pc or laptop and also it has Bluetooth, so that you can send and receive files from other devices. It also has a RAM of 20 MB to store the inputs and outputs for a short period of time, till it these things get executed.

"You can buy nokia 3310 from Nokia's official site or you can buy it offline as well"

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Features of nokia 5
Nokia 5

  •  Now it's turn for the Nokia 5 :

Nokia 5 has an Android Nougat of 7.1.1 operating system, which makes it a powerful and latest Android phone as the O's version is latest.

It's UI will be good with some extra features than lollipop or KitKat powered os had. It has a battery of 3000 MAH which provides it's users sufficient/good battery backup. It has 2 GB RAM with a powerful processor of Qualcomm snapdragon 430. It has 13 MP of primary autofocus camera with dual tone flash and a front facing camera of 8 MP  that is too autofocus.

            It also supports USB other and also have a Bluetooth of version 4.1. It has an internal storage of 16 GB and a 5.2" HD display.

Most probably you would be looking for this thing, whether Nokia 5 has 4G feature?

Yes it has and it supports many bands like 40, 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 38, 20, 28.
Band 40 is for india used by Reliance jio, so it will work smoothly with Reliance jio.

Nokia 5 is priced at Rs 12899 and you can buy this from the Nokia's official website.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Fynd app loot earn upto Rs 10000

Fynd app loot refer your friends and you can earn upto 10000 Rs. And the best thing is that you can redeem all at once, which means that if you have 4000Rs refer and earn cash available in your wallet and you want to buy an item/product worth Rs 2000, you can buy that from the money you have earned for referring your friends. For each successful referral you will get Rs 50 and when your friend will enter your code, He will get Rs 250 and this is not the end of earning yet. If your friend,whom you have referred this app earlier will shop anything from the fynd app, you will get 10% of the amount of the order (it is the amount he pays from the credit/debit card not the the amount he pays from fynd earned money). So if he buys something from fynd for Rs. 10000, you will get 1000 Rs. Isn't this an interesting app?

Fynd app Unlimited loot trick
If you don't have so many friends then you can use this trick to earn unlimited fynd money and for this trick you don't need to have your mobile phone rooted. So follow the steps.

1. Install fynd app.

2. Now signup and go to profile.

3. Click on refer and earn.

4. Put I9VCM2 in having referral code box to get Rs 50 more.

5. Note down your referral code.

6. Install parallel space app.

7. Clone fynd app by clicking on plus icon within the parallel space app.

8. Now signup again in this cloned app and put your own referral code and you will get Rs 50 in your main fynd account.

9. Now clear data of parallel space app and repeat the steps from 6-8.

You can also use another apps instead of parallel space and those apps  work same as parallel space does like,

• Go multiple.

• Parallel accounts.

• Super clone.

• Multiple accounts

• 2 Space

Fynd app Unlimited loot

Unlimited fynd app loot method for rooted users.

install the fynd app and signup via your mobile number or fb profile.

• Now go to profile and click on refer and earn, put I9VCM2 in having referral code to earn 50 Rs more.

• Now remember your referral code which you will get from the same place.

• Now clear data of the fynd app.

• Now change your IMEI no. By IMEI changer app.

• Change your mac address by mac changer.

• Change your device ID by id changer pro app.

• Now install the fynd app again and enter your own referral code.

• Repeat the last four steps again and again.

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Reliance jio dhan dhana dhan offer for Rs 200

According to some people Jio is a network business that is oppressive. Jio is not going to be free any more and you must cover particular sum of money to the business to restart its services. The trouble is the organization has launched and abandoned a lot of strategies, all on nearly same timeline, the users are left baffled. Everything looks unsettled and disoriented. Well, here is the guide to Jio choices and strategies now. First you've got to accept the reality for whatever services you choose, that you will be billing now. The precise time has not been set by Jio of when will this coupon be given. Others will have select one is for Prime users as well as the other for non-Prime members.

LYF LAUNCHED A 4g phone for Rs 999

            You've got a choice to decide on between 1Giga Byte (1Gb) 4G internet daily and 2Giga Byte(2GB)4G internet data per day if you're a Prime user then. For 1GB internet data you must cover Rs 309. Other Jio services, SMSes and endless calls can also be comprised in the strategies. The strategy cogency last for 84 days and this can be only for one time recharge as for following recharges you get less amount of cogency days and less internet data. Non-Prime members also have a choice to decide on between 1GB and 2GB information strategy.
There are many other free Services which are provided by reliance jio like free Caller tune and free prime membership and many more reliance jio offers are also there including jio's free DTH service for three months and Free jio Broadband service for three months as a welcome offer .

          Free unlimited voice calls, Jio and SMSes bouquet of services are a part of the strategy and cogency is for 84 days. In precisely the same time you go for 2GB internet data limit and get 168 GB 4G internet data should you be Prime user. Non-Prime users will need to cover somewhat extra to information and avail Jio services. Straightforward, ain’t it......?

     Steps to get reliance jio dhan dhana dhan offer for almost Rs200:

==>   To get reliance jio dhan dhana dhan offer for almost 200 Rs download mobikwik app or jio money wallet app and do a recharge of Rs 309 and get cashback worth upto 100 Rs.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tips to increase YouTube subscribers for free

Online earning is very easy and good if and only if you have some skills. If you are working on YouTube or you want to work on YouTube then you must have fluency in language,proper orientation of your topic and good video editing skills. Without these skills it's very tough to grow on such a big platform like youtube.

             So if you don't have any skill yet,you can still give it a try so that you may learn them slowly slowly and after you have done the above things you have to build a good subscriber base in order to get more views on your videos and your video will reach to a maximum number of persons. There are many ways to increase the number of subscribers of your channel but some are tips and some are tricks. What we mean by tips and tricks?
           Tips helps us to grow our channel subscribers slowly slowly but that doesn't have any negative effect on our youtube channel or on our AdSense account and the subscribers gained by these tips are permanent which helps us to get more views on our videos.

        Tricks helps us to get a fast flow of subscribers on our channel and it doesn't help us to get more views on our videos and the worst thing about this is that sometimes our YouTube channels get banned because of these tricks.
I have already discussed some YouTube tips in my earlier post/article but i only included 17 YouTube tips to increase views and subscribers of your channel and was unable to add more tips because of the length of that article so here is another one.

These YouTube tips will help you to get 30-40 subscribers a day which is not a good number but these will not harm your channel or will not have any bad effect on your YouTube channel and you can analyze the subscriber report to check how many subscribers you have got. You can also get views,likes,comments and ad clicks by this method/tips but i suggest never do fake ad clicks to earn some bucks because most of the times Google bans AdSense accounts which have illegal ad clicks.

 So what are the tips?

            See guys we are talking about tips which will not give you a huge number of subscribers instantly and if you want a huge number of subscribers instantly just scroll down to YouTube tricks.

         Our first tip is to encourage your audience in your video to subscribe your channel, this can be done either  by including text message in your video or you can include audio message or you can add both in your video like I am doing on my youtube channel.
        Our second tip is sub4sub. You may have heard about sub4sub,if not then let me explian it a little and if you know then move forward to next step. Sub4sub means you will subscribe other youtubers channel and they will subscribe yours and for that purpose we have a number of groups on facebook and i have found some groups with more than 40k members. So below are the steps to do sub4sub and get more subscribers.

Step 1. Join sub4sub groups from the below given links.

Step 2. Ask for sub4sub by posting sub4sub with your YouTube channel link on those groups.

Step 3. Now subscribe others channel and they will subscribe yours.

Step 4. Post screenshot of subscription as proof.

Group links:
   Join first group with more than 80k members
   Join second group with More than 70k members 

   Join third group which have mote than 53k members

    Join this group with more than 53k members
    Join this group having more than 40k membersmembers

Promotion of your YouTube videos on different platforms:

  Promotion of your videos helps to get maximum number of subscribers but for the purpose of promotion choose your best video as if you will promote your best video,people will definitely like and subscribe your channel and people themselve will share your videos and this will help you to reach your video to maximum number of persons and more audience is equal to more subscribers. I have explained all the things related to free promotional and paid promotional platforms in my previous post/article so you can refer to that article/post.

tips to  increase YouTube sunscribers

Now i will explain a little bit about YouTube tricks.

YouTube trick to increase the subscribers of your channel:

There are many tricks to increase your YouTube channel subscribers and i have mentioned some of them below. But as i already said these tricks can harm your channel temporarily or you channel may get banned by YouTube permanently. These  tricks are: this website helps you to get more subscribers,likes on your videos,website views,facebook page likes, Facebook post likes,Twitter followers and instagram followers. So this website provides a lot of services but remember these tricks can harm your accounts/channels. To get subscribers/followers from this website all you need to do is sign up on traffup and like others videos there or subscribe others channels and you will earn points and then you can associate those earned points with your channel and you will get subscribers.

           There are many groups in which people sell subscribers and you can buy them from the above provided groups also but if those subscribers are generated or referred by bots then they can harm your channel also but i have not tried that yet so i don't want to give you any wrong information regarding this method. I have a friend who buy these subscribers and views from a person but his channel is not growing so good according to him. So if you want to buy subscribers from that person you can contact us