Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Reliance jio dhan dhana dhan offer for Rs 200

According to some people Jio is a network business that is oppressive. Jio is not going to be free any more and you must cover particular sum of money to the business to restart its services. The trouble is the organization has launched and abandoned a lot of strategies, all on nearly same timeline, the users are left baffled. Everything looks unsettled and disoriented. Well, here is the guide to Jio choices and strategies now. First you've got to accept the reality for whatever services you choose, that you will be billing now. The precise time has not been set by Jio of when will this coupon be given. Others will have select one is for Prime users as well as the other for non-Prime members.

            You've got a choice to decide on between 1Giga Byte (1Gb) 4G internet daily and 2Giga Byte(2GB)4G internet data per day if you're a Prime user then. For 1GB internet data you must cover Rs 309. Other Jio services, SMSes and endless calls can also be comprised in the strategies. The strategy cogency last for 84 days and this can be only for one time recharge as for following recharges you get less amount of cogency days and less internet data. Non-Prime members also have a choice to decide on between 1GB and 2GB information strategy.
There are many other free Services which are provided by reliance jio like free Caller tune and free prime membership and many more reliance jio offers are also there.

          Free unlimited voice calls, Jio and SMSes bouquet of services are a part of the strategy and cogency is for 84 days. In precisely the same time you go for 2GB internet data limit and get 168 GB 4G internet data should you be Prime user. Non-Prime users will need to cover somewhat extra to information and avail Jio services. Straightforward, ain’t it......?

     Steps to get reliance jio dhan dhana dhan offer for almost Rs200:

==>   To get reliance jio dhan dhana dhan offer for almost 200 Rs download mobikwik app or jio money wallet app and do a recharge of Rs 309 and get cashback worth upto 100 Rs.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tips to increase YouTube subscribers for free

Online earning is very easy and good if and only if you have some skills. If you are working on YouTube or you want to work on YouTube then you must have fluency in language,proper orientation of your topic and good video editing skills. Without these skills it's very tough to grow on such a big platform like youtube.

             So if you don't have any skill yet,you can still give it a try so that you may learn them slowly slowly and after you have done the above things you have to build a good subscriber base in order to get more views on your videos and your video will reach to a maximum number of persons. There are many ways to increase the number of subscribers of your channel but some are tips and some are tricks. What we mean by tips and tricks?
           Tips helps us to grow our channel subscribers slowly slowly but that doesn't have any negative effect on our youtube channel or on our AdSense account and the subscribers gained by these tips are permanent which helps us to get more views on our videos.

        Tricks helps us to get a fast flow of subscribers on our channel and it doesn't help us to get more views on our videos and the worst thing about this is that sometimes our YouTube channels get banned because of these tricks.
I have already discussed some YouTube tips in my earlier post/article but i only included 17 YouTube tips to increase views and subscribers of your channel and was unable to add more tips because of the length of that article so here is another one.

These YouTube tips will help you to get 30-40 subscribers a day which is not a good number but these will not harm your channel or will not have any bad effect on your YouTube channel and you can analyze the subscriber report to check how many subscribers you have got. You can also get views,likes,comments and ad clicks by this method/tips but i suggest never do fake ad clicks to earn some bucks because most of the times Google bans AdSense accounts which have illegal ad clicks.

 So what are the tips?

            See guys we are talking about tips which will not give you a huge number of subscribers instantly and if you want a huge number of subscribers instantly just scroll down to YouTube tricks.

         Our first tip is to encourage your audience in your video to subscribe your channel, this can be done either  by including text message in your video or you can include audio message or you can add both in your video like I am doing on my youtube channel.
        Our second tip is sub4sub. You may have heard about sub4sub,if not then let me explian it a little and if you know then move forward to next step. Sub4sub means you will subscribe other youtubers channel and they will subscribe yours and for that purpose we have a number of groups on facebook and i have found some groups with more than 40k members. So below are the steps to do sub4sub and get more subscribers.

Step 1. Join sub4sub groups from the below given links.

Step 2. Ask for sub4sub by posting sub4sub with your YouTube channel link on those groups.

Step 3. Now subscribe others channel and they will subscribe yours.

Step 4. Post screenshot of subscription as proof.

Group links:
   Join first group with more than 80k members
   Join second group with More than 70k members 

   Join third group which have mote than 53k members

    Join this group with more than 53k members
    Join this group having more than 40k membersmembers

Promotion of your YouTube videos on different platforms:

  Promotion of your videos helps to get maximum number of subscribers but for the purpose of promotion choose your best video as if you will promote your best video,people will definitely like and subscribe your channel and people themselve will share your videos and this will help you to reach your video to maximum number of persons and more audience is equal to more subscribers. I have explained all the things related to free promotional and paid promotional platforms in my previous post/article so you can refer to that article/post.

tips to  increase YouTube sunscribers

Now i will explain a little bit about YouTube tricks.

YouTube trick to increase the subscribers of your channel:

There are many tricks to increase your YouTube channel subscribers and i have mentioned some of them below. But as i already said these tricks can harm your channel temporarily or you channel may get banned by YouTube permanently. These  tricks are: this website helps you to get more subscribers,likes on your videos,website views,facebook page likes, Facebook post likes,Twitter followers and instagram followers. So this website provides a lot of services but remember these tricks can harm your accounts/channels. To get subscribers/followers from this website all you need to do is sign up on traffup and like others videos there or subscribe others channels and you will earn points and then you can associate those earned points with your channel and you will get subscribers.

           There are many groups in which people sell subscribers and you can buy them from the above provided groups also but if those subscribers are generated or referred by bots then they can harm your channel also but i have not tried that yet so i don't want to give you any wrong information regarding this method. I have a friend who buy these subscribers and views from a person but his channel is not growing so good according to him. So if you want to buy subscribers from that person you can contact us

Friday, 3 March 2017

Reliance jio prime buy one get one offer

We all know that reliance jio has come up with another offer for its users and that is jio prime membership. But is it good or not?

           As far as we have knowledge,reliance jio has introduced two new plans starting from Rs 149 and Rs 303 while the prime membership amount for this year is Rs 99 which will be one time for a whole year and then you have to pay Rs 303 or Rs 149. What will you get in these two plans? In the very first plan of Rs 149 you will get 2 Gb of 4G data for a month and unlimited 2G data for the same month and as jio supports volte for calling which means you will get free calling as well for the very same month including all jio apps like jio mags(magazines),jio tv etc.which costs around Rs 30000 according to reliance jio reports and for the second plan which is of Rs 303 you will get 1Gb 4G data per day for a month and post 1Gb your speed will be lowered and additionally you will be can use the premium jio apps for free as you are using now (before prime membership).

            If we calculate our regular expenses on our phones,it will not be below than Rs 303 a month and we also doesn't get such a huge number of services in that amount like premium apps,callertune,sms's etc and it's really easy to activate free caller tune on your phone.But relaince jio is here with an extra twist in which you will get something extra with these packages and thats known as reliance jio buy one get one offer.

           Under "buy one get one offer" any jio prime member who recharge his/her jio sim with Rs 303 will get the ad-on benefit of Rs 201 as 5Gb of 4G data as one time extra benefit. Customers choosing Rs 499 plan or above will get 10Gb of 4G data as a one time extra benefit. But what about non prime members?

reliance jio prime buy one get one offer

  According to reports non prime members can take the benefits of jio but with different plans and those plans start from Rs 499 in which a non prime member will get 56 Gb of 4G data and post this data speed will be lowered and voice calling will be free for that month but it is not confirmed yet whether they will be able to use the jio premium apps or not but as reliance jio indicated, they may not be able to enjoy these fruits. Prime membership can be activated from 1st of march to 31 march 2017 by doing a recharge of one time small amount of Rs 99 after that you can choose your monthly packages according to your need and convenience. These recharges can be done via my jio app,jio's website and via retailer.

          If you don't wanna pay for these services then let me tell you one thing,you can use free internet and can make free calls to any number(including international calls) from any mobile number and from any mobile even from 2G mobiles and that is also at any time either after 31 march 2017 or after 31 march 2018 ,but for that purpose you have to checkout these articles of use free data after 31 march 2017 and make free calls to any number.
          I personally think that this is not a bad deal and airtel may also introduce some new offers to counter jio but as mukesh ambani has recently invested 30000+ crore to increase the capacity of reliance jio due to that there were many problems in several areas and in some places there are still many problems which they are trying to clear soon but maximum number of persons want to know the customer care numbers of reliance jio as they don't have only one customer care number, As Mukesh Ambani has invested a huge amount on reliance jio ,so he is not gonna give up so easily in front of airtel. In order to counter back airtel he may introduce some new offers, so overall jio is gonna give us some extraordinary offers if and only if airtel starts to counter jio harshly.

Note: You don't need to apply any coupon or anything like that, this ad-on will be automatically added to your jio number after the successful registration of your jio number in jio prime.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Promote YouTube videos and blog articles free

Promotion and advertisements has a great effect on sales:it's the marketing tip but same can have a good rffect on YouTube videos and on website articles and based on my personal experience i can say that if you want to earn quickly and wanna grow quickly,you should promote your videos/articles by different ways and on different platforms.

             Basically how does promotion or advertisements help us to grow quickly? Its quite simple,when you will promote your youtube videos or website articles,it will reach to some audience and if they like it they will subscribe your youtube channel or website mailing list and by this way when you will upload your next video or post a new article on your website,they will get notified and they will visit again and again. Most of the audience does remember your websites/YouTube channels name and they do share that also.

               One more thing,if you are a youtuber you should make a website and should embed your videos there and should try to use your videos as an example on that website where ever it will be possible and if you own a website then you shroud make YouTube videos and should encourage your viewers to visit your website. Creating a website and YouTube channel is totally free and i have already explained those two topics in my previous articles and both does have a good impact on each other. Some platforms will be free and some are paid,i will try to explain some of them below.

Promote your YouTube channel,youtube videos or website/website articles on traffic exchanging sites:

I myself tried this thing when i created my website and had issues with traffic. I was thinking that i will get 100% traffic from google and i got that but it was very low. So i searched a lot to get more traffic but all in vain so finally i get to know about traffarewebsite which exchanges traffic and that is also free of cost.

        How does traffup work?

You have to earn points by visiting others websites and YouTube videos and after that you have to allocate/assign some points to your website by adding your website/YouTube videos in traffup website/app and people will visit your website or YouTube videos. You have to visit others websites in order to continue your campaign on traffuo website. If you will visit 10 websites, 10 persons will visit your website. You should start your campaign after 10 pm of IST if you are from india or Pakistan in order to get views from USA. You also get some points while sign up in traffup

Promote your videos/articles on social platforms:

It is totally free to share your videos and articles on social sites like facebook,twitter,google plus,reddit. Social sites are not only used for chatting purpose, Social sites are used for many purposes like exploring new topics about news,entertainment and many more but most of the guys don't know. You can promote your YouTube videos and website articles for free on all the social sites except facebook,there you need to pay for promotion buy you can create your own page or group to have your own community and there you can promote your videos and articles for free, but it will take you a lot of time to grow there and make your own community. So if you want to grow quickly and want to earn money quickly then you should pay to promote your videos/articles.

YouTube and website promotion

Promote your videos/articles by AdWords:

AdWords is the largest online promotional service from google and everyone know the accuracy of google. Accuracy doesn't mean only to target right audience, accuracy means to target right audience at the right time and to track down the clicks because most of the persons want to earn money by doing fake clicks on ads shown on their videos or articles. so google also tracks that thing and besides everything you will get Rs 2000 additional credit to advertise via AdWords
How to promote via AdWords?
Goto the website of adwords.
Signup there
Now fill up your details.
Create an ad and select your bidding price,you can make it to as low as you want or as high as you want.
Now pay via debit/credit card or via net banking.
Note: minimum upload amount is Rs 500 for indians and minimum amount to spent on ads for a day is INR 10 RS. So your campaign will run for a long time if you select an amount of Rs 10-20 per day.

Effects of AdWords: It increases your ctr and views simultaneously which any other promotional service provider doesn't do. It targets the right audience as i already said above which helps to get more ad clicks and subscribers.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

16 YouTube video downloader applications

Now a days people mostly want to download videos from YouTube instead of watching them online and the main reasons behind this are internet data and time. When we watch any video on YouTube and if we miss something or don't understand any point in that video,then we have to rewind that video which will consume more data of our Internet. Second reason is time sometimes we are very busy with some activities and our friends send us a link of any good video but because of lack of time we are not able to watch that video at that time and we want to download that video so that we can watch that later. The best thing of watching videos when you are free is that you understand that video easily and you can watch that video again while applying those things practically which are said/mentioned in that video. So in this article we have provided 16 types of YouTube downloaders in which 12 types of YouTube video downloaders are for android and 4 types of YouTube video downloaders for Windows.

These are the 12 Youtube video downloaders for android phones

1. Tubemate:

According to my personal experience this is the best YouTube video downloader. It supports maximum number of video downloads at a time and the best thing is that you can download the YouTube video through this app by three ways, you can search any video in this app and click on download or you can paste a link of any video in it and can download that or if you are watching any video in YouTube and wanna download that,click on share video and selrct tube mate and doenload it by clicking on a downward arrow sign. If you are using any messenger and you got any YouTube video link, you can click on it and it will show you select any application to complete the operation there you can select tubemate and can download that video.

2. KeepVid Android:

This YouTube video downloader is little bit different from the tubemate as it supports video downloading from other websites also. So it means that we can download any video from any website with the help of this application. It also supports some video formats/pixels which tubemate doesn't. So a better option than tubemate if you have to download videos from other sites than YouTube. You can also download mp3's of some videos by this application.


When you will download this application and after installation,open it. Now you will be having a category of videos to download and you can Also search for your video there untill you will get that,after getting your video just tap on download and Easy tube will show you all the available formats including an audio format that is mp3 ,click on the desired format and your video/audio will be downloaded.

 YouTube video downloaders

4. Vidmate:

This application has an extra feature and that is security of your contents/videos. If you dont have time to watch a particular video at a particular time then this app has something for you and that's called save for later,this option is same like youtube application has but there is little bit of difference between these two and that is, some videos on YouTube doesn't support save for later and by YouTube application or via browser we cannot save them for later but Vidmate allows you to save those videos for later. Besides all this it also works as a normal YouTube video downloader and you can search any video in it and can download that by clicking on downward arrow that is the download option and sometimes there are videos on YouTube which doesn't have a good video quality,in order to improve the video quality of that video you can follow these steps. After you have followed those steps,quality of your video will be improved to a great extent.

5.YouTube Downloader:

It works in both the ways which means you can either search for any video within the this app or you can download the video while watching that video in youtube app or on YouTubes website. To download youtube videos by searching them within this app you have to click on search and put your desired videos title, now can click on download, after that you can select the version of pixels to download like 460p , 580p and so on and also you can extract audio from any video on YouTube by this app,which simply means that you can download the audio of that video also and as we all know people now a days will be downloading more movies and videos than ever as reliance jio is free for a year now and that's why we have a list of websites to download latest movies for free.


It has a lot of categories already there like most viewed, trending and so on. So you can select any video from those categories and can download that but you can also search for a particular video by putting your desired videos title in the apps search bar,click on go and you will be having your video in front of you. Now download it by clicking on the downward arrow sign that is the download button. People in india now a days are mostly using YouTube to watch videos as reliance jio has recently made some announcements on free internet and even callertunes are free,so there are simple steps to activate free callertunes and as people are using mostly youtube because of this reliance jio,they are quite enjoying.

7. Videoder:

It has a simple user interface with less features,as it has less features so the size of the app will be less as well. In first 6 video downloaders we had an internal video player with them to show you the video before you can download that video but in this downloader there is not internal video player assigned with it. Another thing is that you cannot extract the audio of that video by this app like others do.

8. YTD video downloader:

To download videos by this app,you need to have the URL of that video. To get the URL of any video just open your web browser now open YouTube in your web browser and search for your video, after getting your video copy its url and paste it in YTD downloader and click on go . Now click on download to download your video.

9. Tubex:

It works something different than other downloaders. Open tubex app after its installation and search for your video in this app .click on my favorite following which there will be 3 options,click on download and select the desired format.

 we have 3 online YouTube downloaders and these video downloaders are:

10. Clip Converter -online Downloader:

To download video by clipConverter you need to visit the YouTube website on your browser or through your app and search for your video,after you have found your on share and copy its url and visit clipConverter and paste that url.Now select the format of your desired video and download it.

11. Opera mini-Online:

I think most of us have opera mini already in our phone and if you also habe then you don't need to download any other application. Go to YouTube via opera mini and search for your desired video and put ss instead of https://www. Before the url of your video for example url of my video is  so replace its first portion as i have done like this  and click on go now you will be redirected to a new page where you will be having a number of formats of that available. Click on any of the format and it will start to download.

12. Uc mini mini-online:

I think you must be aware of this application and its actually a web browser and it works same as opera mini does but there is a little bit of difference in user interface between uc mini and opera mini. User interface of uc mini is very smooth as compared to opera mini and other web browsers.

YouTube downloaders for windows (computers and laptops)

13. YTD Downloader:

It is same as i have mentioned above but this is for windows and rest of the things are same as it was for its mobile application. So you can scroll this page a little upand you will find how does this software work.

14. 4K video downloader:

4k video downloader allows you to download a lot of videos at a time. You can download the YouTube videos by both the ways that is by searching the title of your desired video or by pasting the URL of your desired videos and click on download. The best thing of this video downloader is that you can download all the videos of a playlist by a single click. Even you can download 100's of videos at a time of any YouTube channel by a single click which saves a lot of time.

15. Opera mini:

Working of this software/web browser is same as like its mobile application has and i have already explained that above. You just need to go to YouTube and search for your desired video and copy its url. Now replace https://www. By ss "like this after replacement it will look like this and paste it back into the url bar/address bar and click on go. Now you will be redirected to a new webpage and you will be shown a number of video formats. Click on one among them and your video will start to download.

16. Uc web browser:

If you have uc web browser in your windows then you don't need any other application to download YouTube videos. First of all go to from your uc web and search for your desired video,now copy its url and replace its front part by ss  that is https://www. To ss,it should look like this  after replacement of its front part and paste it in url bar/address bar ,click on go and you will be redirected to a new website and you will be having many video formats there,click on any of the video format and your video will start to download.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Reliance jio rs 99 prime membership offer

Two Big Announcements #Jio
Jio Has Crossed 100-Million Customer Mark, Says Mukesh Ambani

Reliance Jio Prime membership at Rs 99

Under the Jio Prime plan, Jio members can avail free 4G services by paying a nominal amount of Rs 99 for one year and will be available from 31 march 2017 to 30 april. The registrations for Jio Prime membership will start from post March 31 or in the month of March .

==> Is this gonna be available to new users also?

            Existing users can enroll via MyJio app or log into company’s website as well as via Jio offline stores. But some news reports said that this offer is only for existing customers of jio and is announced for covering the milestone of 10'0000000 customers in less than 6 months and some media reports said that after the nominal charge of rs99 for a month , jio users can continue their service by paying a one time fee of INR303 for a year that means jio users can use free internet ,calls, sms and all jio apps for a year at the price of INR 303.
           At first it was not officially confirmed by our team as we tried to contact jios customer care executive but they said we don't t have any information regarding this thing and you may refer to our official website and when our team did so there was not a single plan of INR 99,90,303 so it remained unconfirmed for our team.

      But now it's confirmed that the prime membership of jio will let the users to use its services at the nominal charge of Rs 99 for a year starting from 31 March 2017 to 31 March 2018.

Reliance jio RS 303 prime membership.

                 But as far as the news reports are available after the prime membership of INR 99 for this year,you will have to pay a fee of INR 303 per month from 31 march 2018 and it is still a Best deal and Mukesh ambani also promised to give cheaper plans to its users as compared to other network operaters and will give extra 20% data to its users.

             There are many other things which Jio is providing free like callertunes and live tv. But callertunes is officially free only for a month but we have provided a trick to use free callertune in Jio with unlimited validity.
People mostly think how to use Jio in 3G phones but we have a latest trick to use Jio in 3G phones. Jio is still struggling to provide better internet and voice quality to its customers but few customers are not 100% satisfy with Jio so we have provided a list of Customer care numbers to get your problems resolved.


Friday, 17 February 2017

Things to know for finding a good plagiarism tool

Things You Should Keep in Your Mind When It Comes to Choosing an Online Plagiarism Checker

Are you a teacher or educator who wants to know if your students have committed plagiarism or copied contents on the web? Are you a student who wants to ensure that you will not be committing plagiarism? If yes, then you are most likely looking for ways to easily check papers for plagiarism. Luckily, there is a tool that you can use to check for plagiarism online. Such tools are rampant online nowadays. However, keep in mind that not all these tools give accurate results and reliable enough. Thus, this article will teach you the things that you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing an online tool for checking plagiarism. Continue reading below to find out more about this.

Experience of the Tool

Find a plagiarism checker tool that has been around for quite some time now because this may indicate that the tool is still there because it has satisfied its previous users and continues to do so. In addition, look for a tool that has history when it comes to giving good results to its users.

Can Be Easily Accessed

Find a tool that can easily be accessed by you. An online tool is enough for you to be able to know if a paper has been plagiarised or not. Prefer this kind of tool over those tools that needed to be installed and downloaded or has a lot of methods that you should undergo first before being able to use it.

Reliability of the Plagiarism tool:

Find a tool that is reliable enough to give you accurate results on its plagiarism check. If you want to try if a tool is really effective, try copying an entire content on the web and paste it on the plagiarism checker tool. Now, if the results if a 100% plagiarised content then this may indicate that the tool works fine.

Popularity of the Tool.

Another possible indicator of a good plagiarism checker tool is its popularity. If a lot of people are using a specific plagiarism checker tool then that may indicate that the tool is good enough to be used by you. Try to see if you can find such tool.

Tracking Abilities

A plagiarism checker tool is also good enough if it can track down the websites from which it see matching results and indicate that the paper has been plagiarised from that site.
Free for Access
Plagiarism checker tool online may be free to use or may be paid for use. As much as possible, you should try to look for a tool that is only for free, yet reliable enough to give you accurate results.
Such things discussed above will help you find a plagiarism checker tool that is good enough to be used by you. If you want such a tool then you can make use of the tool called SEO tool station Plagiarism Checker.

online plagiarism tool

Thursday, 16 February 2017

what is youtube revenue and how to increase it

In this article we will discuss how much of revenue we can get from youtube and how we can earn more revenue than normal.

Revenue/earnings are directly dependent on the following 6 factors and these are location of your youtube channel, niche of your channel, length of your videos, quality of your videos,  views and subscribers and proper SEO . But the third one has the maximum effect on youtube revenue. 

Revenue is actually the earnings of a particular period of time and of a particular thing like youtube,website etc.
So let me explain all these factors one by one.

Watch this playlist and get all your questions answered.

==> First factor is location of your channel :

 i have a YouTube channel "Tech helpers" i have set its location India, so my YouTube revenue will not be so good as cpc (cost per click) of India is normally 0.02 - 0.05 and cpc of America is very high, cpc of America is in dollars not in cents, i think cpc of USA is 2-3$ so you can see the difference in cpc.
       Now we will see whether there is any difference in RPM (Revenue Per Mile) or not. Yes there is a lot of difference in the RPM of India and USA. Revenue per mile is the revenue per thousand views, so clicks doesn't pay only views also pay you. Normally RPM of India is 0.5$ - 1$. But RPM of USA is 4-15$ which is very high. So if you select USA as location of your YouTube channel, then you need to provide/upload videos which natives of USA like otherwise you will not be able to grow your channel there.

==> Niche of your channel is the second factor which has the effect on YouTube revenue. 

If your niche/topic is on technology, health. Then your revenue will be good than other niche related channels. Generally the cpc of technology related channels is high but RPM of technology related channels is low and the RPM of health related channels is high but its cpc is not so good. Generally we get more revenue because of CPC and RPM doesn't have so much of effect in YouTube, i don't say it doesn't have any role or it totally doesn't give any revenue but i am saying it has a little effect on our revenue.

increase youtube revenue

==> Length of your videos also has an effect on your YouTube revenue. 

If the length of your YouTube videos is long, then you can allow mid roll ads(ad breaks)  to be shown in between your videos and mid roll ads pay the highest amount among all the type of ads and this can be done in user defaults settings. User defaults can be found by following these steps.

 * go to video manager of your YouTube channel.

* click on gear icon which will be below the main gear icon as shown here.

* click on channel.

* now you will see user defaults.

But most of the youtubers doesn't do that because they say that it irritates the viewers and most of the watchers/viewers get bored and they switch to other videos. But i personally suggest to use mid roll ad also know as ad break  if and only if your video is good/attractive and unique, length of the video is requirement while as quality of the videos are optional but if quality of your videos is not so good then it is very difficult to retain/engage your audience and it will have a direct impact on your revenue and quality of the video doesn't mean HD or non HD, quality means the way you use pics, information and your talking style or the music track you have merged. There are many tips to make a good quality video.

==> Another factor on which YouTube revenue depends upon is Quality of your videos:

As i said above to retain your viewers,quality of your videos should be good and those videos get the good revenue which try to engage their audience so that their audience will watch the full video and has bounce rate low.This factor indicates the bots of youtube that the video of this channel is good and audience are enjoying its videos  and YouTube knows that if the audience is enjoying they will not click on the ads accidentally as you may be aware about the fact about those videos which are not so good or doesn't discuss the as we want to has too many accidental ad clicks,this is because as the viewer wants to watch the next video or want to close the current video he/she accidentally clicks on ad and dyduee to which youtube doesn't serve high paying ads on those channels.whereas those channels which has bounce rate low get the high paying ads on their videos and they earn good revenue.

==> Views and subscribers has the main role in your YouTube revenue or earnings. 

I think i have already discussed about RPM and still you must be aware about relation between subscribers and views. If our monthly views are about 1-2 Lakhs, then our YouTube revenue will be quite good as CPC and RPM depends upon views, let us consider views are 100 so clicks will be nearly 10-13 and if views on your videos will be 1000 then how many clicks can be there? Approximately 110-130,so the earnings or revenue will be very good. So in order to increase views and subscribers of your youtube channel you need to make good quality videos and try to make your videos on unique topics/niche.There are several other tips to increase views and subscribers of your YouTube channel.

==> Another factor is proper SEO:

You may be aware about SEO (Search engine optimization)  if not then let me explain it a little bit. Proper SEO means to do those things by which your video will come in the first page of the search results by which you will get more views on your videos and and obviously revenue is directly related to views,So your revenue will be more but its very difficult to rank your videos on the first page because everyone wants their videos to get in the first page of the search results. Ranking of your videos depends upon proper SEO and your content/video and it takes a lot of time to rank your videos.