How to recover deleted files from android without pc

     Recover deleted data

Hey, guys today I am gonna tell you how to recover deleted pics/videos from your android phone without the help of pc/laptop and also with the help of pc and laptop. This is one the most asked questions by our viewers till now. That's why I am providing every possible way to recover your lost data whether from an internal memory of android or external memory (Sd card).And some methods work for pc(personal computers) also.

We want to provide all the information about a particular topic because many methods work for some people and the same method doesn't work for another person so that our readers do not need to go anywhere.

How to recover deleted images/pics without computer or laptop.

       Restore images

 So coming to the method first install an app called restore images.With the help of this app you will be able to restore the deleted images whether in your android phone or in any Sd card/memory card. If deleted data was in the sd card, just put that sd card in your android phone and recover the deleted images. Restore images is a software to restore images, it's a powerful app which can restore the images which are been deleted by the user from the very first when he started to use that SD card/memory I recommend you guys to use it.

Download restore images

• Still not able to restore your lost data?

• Use Recuva

 it is also a powerful app to restore your data but it  has a back draw that it can't restore the very old lost's positive point is that  it can restore your videos also so Recuva comes in number 1 position in the best restoring android apps list due to the two recovery options .one for pics and one for videos.

There are several other apps which can restore the data but most of them are not useful or we can say most of them don't recover the data in real. In short most of the apps are a total waste.

Recovery softwares For pc.

The best software to recover your lost data is Recover my files
And its developer is jack skiller. His softwares and apps are really amazing but most of them are paid apps/softwares but believe me they are worth to buy but you can use them as they come with the trial period of some time mostly 15 days. If you know a little bit about hacking then you can crack these softwares easily, after installed the trial version you just have to open the .txt files attached with that softwares in notepad and you will get the license key and you can use that for the lifetime.
But if you want to use this software for internal memory of your Android Phone then your phones USB debugging should be on, if it is not then you should enable USB debugging first.

Steps to enable/on usb debugging:

1. For Android version 4.0 or later, Go to settings.
2. Now go to about and tap 7 times continuously on build number until a popup be there with a note that you are now a developer
3. As a pop will be shown, in which you will be said that you are now a developer. (if you are already a developer then leave this step).
4. Then go back one step and you will find developer option in settings of your phone.
5. Click on it and you will see USB debugging option.
6. Enable it/turn it on.

Top methods to recover deleted data without pc or laptop

Dr.Fone android data recovery.

Dr fone android data recovery is absolutely great software for windows and mac. The main thing about it is that it can restore very old data from your android phone and it is the most accurate in recovering your data.which means it restores almost 90% of the deleted data. But in this, you just have to enable USB debugging in order to restore your deleted data from internal memory of your phone.

To enable usb debugging follow the above steps:

If you have to recover deleted data from any external storage like memory card, hard disk or pen drive, then you don't need to enable USB can directly restore data from either memory card or pend drive.dr.fone data recovery software can be downloaded from the below links

Best recycle bin for android


   Dumpster is an app available in play store download it. Believe me, it is the best recycle bin for android .if u accidentally delete any file from your Android phone.don't worry it will go to this recycle bin and u can restore it easily, above is the video tutorial so that you can understand the method more conviniently
Download dumpster

However, if the case is with Western Digital Hard Disks, Then you can read this to recover your deleted data from Western Digital Hard disks.

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  1. thanks for sharing and video how to that make clear to know

  2. This is some good information, I know some people who have deleted files and not been able to recover them, or paid money to have it recovered because they just didnt know how.

  3. Although I've never been an Android user, I found this post helpful in case I ever get fed up with the iPhone. "Paranoid Android" is a Radiohead song!

  4. this is awesome! I have deleted pictures by accident before, which can be especially annoying if they were meant for one of my sites. Now I know what to do. Thank you so much!

  5. Hey this is great article so i'm going to save it. AS a blogger and Instagramer i'm constantly deleting stuff and find I need it again later .This is great to know that these apps can help me find it.

  6. It happens to me all the time. Now thanks to you I know what to do. I guess you sort of saved me from the constant drowning. I always wonder have it's done, and it's much simpler than I thought.

  7. Thanks for posting this story. It will save me a lot of trouble in the future!

  8. Oh gosh, I've totally been there! Thanks so much for sharing these tips so hopefully I can prevent this from happening again :)

  9. I'm an iPhone user so I will pass this on to my Android using friends! It's horrible to lose files accidentally.

  10. This is a really great information, as it happens with most of us, non techies. Wherein we lose the data and then we are fully blown what and how to recover it.

  11. My husband has an Android and I forwarded your post to him. Like everyone else, there is so much information he keeps on his phone, that if it was ever lost he'd ben a world of hurt. I'm sure he'll tuck this info away and (hopefully) never have to use it. x

  12. These are some great tools to have. Sometimes I get freaked out when something erases or my laptop turns off when I am working on something important.

  13. This is very helpful information for Android users, especially those who never download their photos unto a computer or external drive.

  14. Thanks for sharing this! I remember when I lost all my holiday photos once and I was devastated. The initial panic thinking you'll never get them back is awful.

  15. I have always had difficult when I am trying to restore something from somewhere that got deleted. I have tried to use programs before with minimal success. Thanks for this great list so that if something happens in the future I will use one of these apps.

  16. Thank you for this! I've never understood why everything has delete permanently. I'm more interested in tips for PC. My last two pcs have crashed unexpectedly with a lot of pics 😢

  17. This keeps so often in many phones. Thanks for the simple and useful tips!

  18. Wow - thanks SO much for this post. I recently deleted pictures that were meant for one of my sites. Now I know how to get them back - Thanks ever so much!


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