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Hello guys this video editor(videoshow) is the best video for android phones,it's developer is upgrading it continuously time by time.New features are being added every time they upgrade videoshow.
So the required effects, themes,featutes are been added by the developer, so there is no need to download any other video editor software as it has a lot of features, All we can say about its developer is that he must be very honest to his work because everytime he upgrades his app,he includes a lot of new themes and features.
This is the pro version of videoshow so there is no limit to any feature, i mean every feature of the app can be used.
Features of videoshow:
1. Video can be made from the pics,we can make a good video with great effects/features available in videoshow.
2. Audio can be extracted from any video,if you wanna extract audio from any video,then this is the app which will be usefull for you.
3. You can cut/trim any video,even you can cut many parts from any video at once/at a time,so no need to do it again again.
4. You can join many videos to make a single video ,if you wanna join many small clips to make a big single video then videoshow is a must having app.
5.You can add multiple music in any video and you can also adjust volume of the music added by videoshow app.
6 you can add pics to your videos and also stickers and memes by video show pro app.
7. You can compress any video,as we know we can send any video through whatsapp but not more than 16MB and most of the recorded videos are greater than that size,to reduce the size of the video we have to compress that video and videoshow has an inbuilt compressor.
8. You can record videos with many effects like ,sepia,grayscale,negative and many more with videoshow pro app.
9.You can take pics in many effects like sepia,grayscale,negative etc with videoshow pro app.
10. You can zoom any video and can save that video as zoomed video,i mean after zooming any video you can save that video with this zoom effect by videoshow pro app.
11.You can slow the speed of any video and you can faster the speed of any video and can save that video with the speed you chose by video show app
Download VIDEOSHOW PRO app

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