How to use Reliance jio in 3G handsets

How to use jio in 3G mobiles


 As we all know jio has made a strong entry into the 4G telecom space by providing free data, calls and even SMS's to its users which a common man may have never imagined.

        The basic plan of jio is to cover maximum customers byt due to the fact that around 55% of Indians don't use 4G handsets they couldn't make such a huge customer base as they were expecting they will get till October,but recently chairman of jio Mukesh Ambani gave a surprise to jio customers by extending the validity of free services till 31 march 2017 which will be valid for both new and old customers of jio due to which demand of 4G handsets is increasing.

Due to which it is clear that people are buying 4G handsets nowadays to enjoy this free offer but what about those who are not able to buy 4G handsets. There are many 4G handsets which are very good and have many features which people are buying the most and one among them is Samsung c7 and here is a brief review about it.

Earlier we said,

        Reliance Jio has another surprise for indians as relaince jio is now geared up to provide this free service to 3G handset users .As per reports, Reliance Jio 4G offer can be used by the 3Gcustomers(3G handset users) too. Reportedly Reliance is going to launch a new app by the end of this month or in the first week of January 2017 by the help of that application any 3G handset user can easily use the Jio 4G services without having 4G handset which will probably help reliance jio in increasing its customer base(number of users/customers) .Notably, Reliance Jio SIM can currently be used only for 4G enabled smartphones which is purely a drawback to reliance jio.Some media reports say that from January 1, 3G customers can avail the benefit of Reliance Jio Happy New Year Offer.


Is it really possible to use jio 4G sim in 3G phone?

As being an engineer i can only say is that it may be difficult for the engineers of Reliance jio as switching from 3G to 4G requires hardware modifications and an application is a software which has a set of programs.So with the help of a software we cannot modify or upgrade the hardware of any device but if the device has some limits ,those limits can be breake down to get the maximum possible output of the device.
         For example consider a mobile with network signal strength of 2000MHz but it's limit is 3000MHz,if signal strength is provided above 2000MHz to this device, it will not work,bit if the limit has been removed/break down it will work above 2000MHz of signal strength but for frequencies higher than 3000MHz it is still a waste or a useless device.Removing these limits are also possible by rooting your android phone,but rooting your device can also damage your device either temporary or permanently. But may be that application will have the same effect on your phone as does rooting has.I guess this is the only way by which android 3G phones with OS lollipop or higher can use jio 4G sim with the help of that application. So whatever it is it will be clear very soon.

Was it really any app to use 4G jio sim in 3G handsents?
Were the reports we got correct?

As it's 10th of January, So how to use jio 4G in 3G handsets?


What is this jiofi device?

 It's jiofi device through which you can use 4G in 3G phones.
It's the official device of reliance jio which can be used like a wifi router.Jiofi device is very compatible and compact.jiofi device is also cheaper than any 4G Android phone,it costs about can use reliance jio 4G via jiofi device over a long distance as it has a large bandwidth. You must be aware about WiFi routers,you can get the same speed as you could get in any 4G phone.

How many 3G phones can be connected to jiofi?

The total limit of phones which can be used/connected to jiofi device is 32.But if you use/connect more than 2 devices to jiofi device you may get very low it's better to use up to 2 phones with jiofi device.

Is it possible to make free calls via 3G phone using reliance jio 4G sim?

Yes,when you will connect your 3G phone to a jiofi device. You will be able to make free calls via your 3G phones.

Buy jiofi device 

Still don't wanna buy this JIOFI device then what about buying a 4G phone for Rs999? Yes LYF has pre launched a 4G phone for RS 999, for detailed information visit this site

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Expected internet plans of reliance jio 4G below

Reliance Industries Limited’s Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani on December announced to extend the Reliance Jio Welcome offer till March 2017 in which customers will get free voice calls and roaming services, while the post march plans have not been introduced yet but as per the data price of other network providers like BSNL,AIRTEL etc.
          Reliance jio may give data packs starting from  RS.250  In which you may get data of around 300-350 GB of data for a month which is not so bad.With over 52 million customers taking Jio's free voice and data since its launch on September 4, as i said above due to non fulfilment of expectations regarding making customer base in india, chairman Mukesh Ambani announced 'Jio Happy New Year Offer' of free data, voice, video and applications till March 31 for new users joining from December 4 as well as the existing ones.

Reliance jio has another drawback of slow internet speed that may be because of quick launch of 4G services as they wanted to cover market by introducing 4G services at the earliest or we can say before the launch of Airtel 4G and others etc. And there is one more reason that is huge customer load,speed of internet in Reliance jio increases from 12 a.m to 7 a.m. which clearly shows that slow speed on reliance jio is due to the huge number of users.Another aspect/reason is network strength,if network strength is weak then speed of jio will be low.

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how to use jio 4G sim in 3G phones
Use jio sim in 3G phones

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  1. I'm with Giff Gaff in the UK and it's very similar, I love the deal, you get a lot for your money and the 4g network is great!

    1. You are right and its great to have a good speed Internet

  2. This is the first time that I am hearing about JIO but it sounds great, especially for 3G handsets .

    1. Yes it is a great initiative by the owner of the said company.But free services are little bit poor services

  3. Great post .. I'm such a sucker for all things tech gadgets and it was fun to read about these!

    1. It's good to see that you like our post and thank you for your visit

  4. The jiofi device sounds like a great one; compact and affordable; that`s a win-win situation !

    1. Yes you are right that is a win win deal.thanks for your valuable feedback

  5. I have never heard of this device, but then again I am not in this area. Very informative post though!

    Ivelisse |

  6. I am not quite familiar with jio but it sounds like a reliable telecom company. It's nice that they are offering more services for their consumers!

  7. I'm so out of what is happening out there with all those new devices! Need a bit more time to adjust all this :)

  8. Glad to know that you can make free calls while using this sim. Though I never liked Reliance services!

    1. It seems you have tried reliance but as it is reliance jio and there are some problems with the network but as it is free so nobody has any query with jio

  9. sounds interesting, I am locked in with my phone and service for a little while, so I don't have to worry about those things right now, but I know someone whom I can share this article with, who would. Thanks for that. Blessings!


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