Google Tez app : Refer and earn program details

Google has recently launched an app and has named it asTez. This apps allows users to pay inline and is supported by many online merchants. Tez app is based on UPI (unified payments interface) and works like other you based apps do.

Refer and earn program of google tez app.

This is the first online payment app by Google and hence they need to promote it in the market, in order to get good response. Therefore Google has started its promotion in not any different manner. New Users have to send/pay some amount to other users and they both will get 51 Rs as cashback, they can pay their first payment via text to anyone and will get 51 Rupees as cashback.

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Steps to get Cashback in Google tez app.

Download the tez app from here.

• Enter your mobile number.

• Now setup your Google pin.

• You will see a contact as shown in the image below.

• Tap on it and click on pay.

• Send 1 rupee to it as the minimum transfer amount is Rs 1 and you will get a Cashback of rupees 51.

Google tez app

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Note : Mobile Number should be linked with your bank account. Minimum transfer amount is Rs 1 and the amount of Rs you can earn via tez apps referral program is Rs 9000 and is bank transferable. So the amount can be send to users bank account as well.

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  1. This sounds like a good app. Its good that it lets you pay online. Is this app also available in the UK? - star harford

    1. This app is owned by google, so may be you have been provided an alternative there by the Google

  2. Another app from google, nice to know. I will check reviews and feedback of this app, and I will download it to see its full purpose. Thank you for posting this.

  3. Oh wow this is the first time I've heard of Tez app. But I can see the commercial benefits of being able to pay and earn cashback.

  4. Hmm I will use it for sure. Or maybe not. It is too much to take every app with me. But I will remember that there is such app.

  5. Very interesting. I don't think this is their first one as I've used at least one other Google payment app in the past.... I think so. Hmmm

  6. I am awed at the number of apps available these days. This one sounds interesting but is it available worldwide ??

  7. Will give this one a try! Did not even know this useful app existed! thanks

  8. I will have to read more about this app. I am glad that it offers cashback for your purchases. I mean, who does not want to earn money back, right?


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